Suzi Zutic Jewels

bouquets of exotic gemstones | the finest precious metals | passionately created | handcrafted

Suzi Zutic is a Melbourne jewellery designer and gemmologist who produces unique, personalised engagement rings, wedding rings, bridal sets, earrings and other contemporary jewellery for both men and women. Her bespoke work is handmade from precious metals such as platinum, gold and silver and encrusted with exquisite gemstones including diamonds, sapphires, rubies and emeralds. Suzi lovingly sources and combines these materials to create modern, unusual pieces of the finest quality. Her custom jewellery is handcrafted in her studio in Melbourne and stocked by jewellery stores and boutiques across Australia and New Zealand including e.g.etal, Pieces of Eight, Black Finch, Cota, Jam Factory and The National. Alternatively, pieces can be purchased directly from her online jewellery store.