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Determining your ring size

Fingers come in all shapes and sizes so determining your personal ring size is important. If you have a local jeweller, we recommend a visit; most jewellers will be happy to assist and can advise on the best fit for you. You can also use an existing ring as a guide. Choose one that fits comfortably on the intended ring finger. Alternatively, you can consult the sizing chart below.

If your ring measures in-between two ring sizes, go for the larger size. If you are measuring with a narrow ring (under 3mm wide) and looking to purchase a ring that is wider (over 5mm wide), go for the next size up. The same applies in reverse.

Sizing Tips

The best time to measure your finger size is in the middle of the day. Avoid sizing in the morning after you just wake up or straight after exercising when your fingers tend to be swollen. It’s also a good idea to measure your finger a couple of times to more accurately determine your size.

If the ring is a gift or a suprise, ask your significant other’s friends or family if they know her/his finger size. Alternatively, borrow one of her/his rings (from the correct finger) and take it to your local jeweller or use the ring measurements in our ring size guide to determine the correct ring size.

Top-heavy rings can sometimes spin on the finger. This is because the base of the finger is usually thinner than the knuckle. When sizing your finger for a top-heavy ring, its best to choose a slightly tighter fit. This will keep the ring from moving side-to-side and ensures it will be comfortable and remain on the top of the finger.

If you require further assistance, please contact us.