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'Isle of Serendib' | Pink Ceylon Sapphire Solitaire Ring

18ct Rose Gold | Pink Ceylon Sapphire (approx 2ct cushion cut & unheated) | Champagne Diamonds 

18ct Rose Gold | Pink Ceylon Sapphire (approx 2ct cushion cut & unheated) | Champagne Diamonds 

A friend of mine is a gem merchant of Sri Lankan heritage. Her and her father have a long history in the gem trade and both are connoisseurs of fine, unheated Sri Lankan (Ceylon) sapphires. The 'Isle of Serendib' ring is set with one of these amazing gems which is an intense pink cushion cut ceylon sapphire of around 2 carat. The pink fiery blaze of this stone, when viewed in natural light, is truly spectacular and extremely beautiful.

The ring was custom designed and handmade for a very loyal client & friend. Together, we chose materials that would compliment the stone. The precious metal we selected was 18ct rose gold (pink gold), framed with 28 soft pinkish champagne diamonds of very fine quality (VS) to match the brightness and elegance of the central stone. 

Pink sapphire is commonly heat treated these days. I may have mentioned this in other posts but eventually gem deposits do get mined out and until new sources are located, fine material can become scare and very expensive (ruby is a prime example of this). The industry then looks for other ways to enhance the gem material that is available. Heat treatment is an acceptable way to bring out a stones 'potential' colour and the majority of sapphires on the market today have been subjected to some form of heat treatment. If you prefer a sapphire that is completely natural, make sure you ask your jeweller and be sure to get certification.

If you have a particular gemstone that you would like to use for a custom designed engagement ring, get in touch via email or phone +61 401 326 881 to make an appointment. It can take a few weeks to source fine gems so please allow enough time when planning your engagement ring and wedding ring sets.

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